Mobile Service

First of all it will take you time to get there, running late, hit traffic then you can’t find parking…By the time you arrive for your appointment you are now feeling quite stressed. 
So imagine now having your beauty therapy at home. It’s a new experience for you, your family and friends as it is much more relaxing and beneficial.

A beauty treatment that enables you to relax in comfort, you can choose to have it for as long as you wish – no driving, no 
additional expenses such as parking or perhaps even parking fines or facing overcrowded public transport. You may even arrive late for your salon treatment and your treatment is short-cut but not if you have it at home.

As one of my clients Mrs K Waite says:

I like it because it’s in the comfort of my own home, I don’t have to rush to dress and leave the room so the next client can have their treatment. It’s truly relaxing, especially as Sam respects your own environment and turns your room into a retreat! Highly recommendable!